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1:1 Cosmic Coach For 1 Year

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Let me be your very own cosmic coach for the year!

Cosmic coaching is an astrological personalized service you can utilize when you desire to align with your true purpose and optimize your ultimate cosmic natal potential.

Our first steps together will be you getting a deep look into your cosmic blueprint of your natal chart (Exact birth date/time + location needed) Along with your full natal chart reading we will be exploring your soul purpose with uncovering your North & South Node placement. Awareness of your North Node placement will help align you on your journey so that you can have the life of your dreams!

You will get your very own personalized monthly email with transit readings to keep you in the loop of the planetary energies at work in your chart and how they may effect you on a day-day basis.

We will have a monthly meeting via FaceTime (or a call if you prefer) of 60 mins to keep you moving towards your goals with cosmic guidance.

Whether you are changing careers, navigating your love life, or looking to break new ground, these coaching sessions serve as a guiding light to help you trail-blaze to your ultimate cosmic path.

During our meetings, we will navigate ways to work with the cosmic cycles, master the challenges, and make the most out of your cosmic natal promise.

Outside of our monthly check-in meetings you will have access to unlimited email support, space holding and energetic support.

And, YES there will be an astrocartography reading. Where we will explore the world map and find the most harmonious places in the world for you to call in the energies to live your most joyous and prosperous life.

To top it all off, you’ll also be part of the “Herb Of The Month Club” and receive a monthly organic herbal package of herbs to make your own herbal infusions at your leisure to enjoy.

Think of me as your personal astrologer in your back pocket! 

Picture it… Getting your herbal infusion brewing and then getting comfy cozy. Then we will journey into our cosmically informative chats together monthly for 1 whole year! 

Investment: $5555.00 Paid in Full  

*There is only 3 spots available! (of 4)

Once you make your purchase I will email to arrange our first call together.

Have any other questions before the purchase? Feel free to reach out.